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Jan 23, 2013 2

Sleepytime Limbo – Say What?

I have it. And I’m officially calling Sleepytime Limbo a disease, a serial killer of all real productivity. defines Sleepytime Limbo as, “When you feel like you’ve got too much work to go to bed, but you are too tired to get anything done. So you just surf the net and procrastinate until you can’t stay awake anymore.” Yup. Perfect description. Here’s an image to go with it.



Now, you can’t lump in Sleepytime Limbo and late nights as the same thing. For some odd reason, I can be extremely productive from 11pm to 1am, which gets a lot of work done but leaves me exhausted the next day. But there is a difference when I end up trapped in Sleepytime Limbo. Instead of wrapping up my work at say, midnight and getting little ol’ me off to bed, I’m up till 2 am just reading and watching pointless crap on the internet. Meme’s rule the night.

That’s pretty much it’s only benefit. Because if you aren’t addicted to porn you can get a lot of laughs at 2 or 3 in the morning, solely by watching fluffy cat videos on youtube. And laughter is the best medicine, right? Ha, I wish. In this instance it is not. *But if porn is the reason for your Sleepytime Limbo, here is a resource to help you break the cycle. And here is why porn ruins your sex life (so seriously, click on the links).*

A lot of of people claim that Sleepytime Limbo is insomnia or vice versa. But it’s not. insomnia is literally the inability to fall asleep, no matter what you do. I know. I can clearly tell the difference between my insomnia and sleepytime. Here’s a link to Tim Feriss‘ Huffington Post article, “11 Tricks for Perfect Sleep.” These tips do not work when you are caught in limbo, but will definitely make a difference in your overall sleep habits.

Who wants to show their eyes after falling victim to the Sleepytime Limbo?



I spent some time this morning thinking about how much more prevalent this incapability to go to bed when needed has become today. We know people have had insomnia problems in the past. And most likely under severe stress people have succumbed to Sleepytime Limbo in other ways. But in less modern times, when it was time to go to bed, it simply wasn’t possible to keep the fire, or candle, going or to stay outside in the cold for nearly as long as we get caught in the trap of the online light. From what I can figure based on my knowledge of history, any chance that people would gotten caught in the Sleepytime Limbo definition, would have been limited. Think about it. If a man was up writing away on a document to change the world, but his family all goes to bed and his candle is about to go out and his brain is shutting off… what are his options? Go make tea? Take a night walk? Crawl into bed and lay there thinking about his chance to meet destiny? While probably annoying, none of them really seem to be unproductive responses to late night work. But then again, maybe that’s just my personal opinion.

How to avoid the trap of Sleepytime Limbo:
1. Set a time to get off of the computer so you have at least an hour to ready yourself for bed. Ban late nights!
2. Practice your self-discipline throughout the day so you can say no to late night tomfoolery.
3. Acknowledge that you have no discipline.  Go cry away your shame.

Of course even though I have put all of this together, in-between one of those productive late nights, I may once again succumb to the call of the interwebs and be paying the price for the entirety of the next day. 
This is myself, what about your thoughts? What have your run-ins with Sleepytime Limbo been like and how did you combat that oh-so-persuading draw?


Jan 17, 2013 1

Wherever Love Roams; Wedding Highlights

It’s not very often you meet a couple like Elliot and Jocelyn. Their story is pretty hilarious… and awkward (I just about died laughing upon hearing it), but it is so uniquely them.

You know, it’s amazing how people met and connect. It fascinates me how people weave in and out of our lives everyday. If you had told me that my camera guy from News Class (COMS 473, represent!) would have invited me to later film his wedding I would have been like, ‘What? Ha? Cool…’ but we continued to work together, eventually walking across the stage to get our degrees at the same time and starting our careers in the same town. Then I moved back to MD and he got a job working for his church. Fast forward one year later and he stepped up to become the media director for the same church, one that is changing lives across the globe. Both he and Jocelyn are heavily involved with Freedom 4/24, a non-profit that directly affects women enslaved in the sex trade. These two uplift others around them, and will continue to do more with their lives than many.

I do not make any claims to be the best video editor, but here are my highlights. Let’s give our highest congratulations to the Millers. 🙂

Jan 17, 2013 0

Tales of Website Woe; Beginning of 2013


Wow, has it really been 17 days since my last blog post? I can’t believe it! 🙁 I usually keep to twice a week, at least once for sure… and 17 days has been rough on me. But you see, since the day-after-Christmas I have been doing practically non-stop road-trippin’ until about last weekend. Then once I was trying to get back into the swing of things, I broke my website. Yup. Not the front end, but I was literally blocked from every possible way of entering the back end of my word-press account. I knew I could probably fix it through my hosting account, but for awhile I was left wondering how to fix it without risking deleting everything. Thankfully, a friend was able to help walk me through it and now it’s officially fixed.

Here is a bit of advice from this experience;

1. Never attempt to tweak your website late at night.

2. When doing said tweaking, first take the time to decide if they are 100% necessary or if you are going off of simple suggestions.

3. Make sure you know how many plugins your web hosting will allow.

4. Take a break after adding or fixing something to your website.

5. Never attempt to tweak your website late at night.

Cheers and best wishes to any poor soul who does not heed this list. Lastly, in the last post I mentioned that I wasn’t going to be doing “Fashion Tuesday” anymore, I’m still continuing with weekly self-portraits and hope to utilize them on this blog as garnish to other posts, instead making it a focused series. It was hard to let go of something I was so excited about and wanted to see succeed. But as I was reviewing my goals and what people in my life were responding to, it became obvious that Fashion Tuesdays were a fun side project, but not anything that was going to help me accomplish what goals God has given me. The way I was treating my weekly pictures in no way set me up for jobs, or even leads to being paid. So after some serious evaluation, I decided to untether and change directions  in my work with this website. Not necessarily big changes, but changes that will (hopefully) help others and push me  to greater heights. Tune back in tomorrow (actually… later today now), hopefully you will like where I’m going! Last note; Yay weddings!!! Congrats to one of the most precious couples I know. If you are into theology, check out her blog here. And if you are into super-fantastic-unique-brillent graphic design, check out his webspace. Then go hire him to create your online branding. Oh, and no, this not an affiliate link. weddinggroupshotcharles