Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Not sure how you’ve found me, but my friend Carolynn has recently been interviewed by both Huff Post Live and Good Morning America, so there is a chance you looked me up after seeing the images of her wedding. Since the event was in 2012, this whirlwind of positive media attention has been quite the surprise!

I’ll keep my introduction short, but bear with me. 🙂

I have a degree in Video Broadcasting. Currently, I find myself equally shooting both video and still photography.

Since my skill-set is not best used in the editing room, often it is only images I share while most footage stays with the director who hired me. This leaves my demo-reel kinda lacking but strong word of mouth keeps me going! In the past few months, I have shot family portraits, filmed concerts, an engagement shoot, and some VERY fun professional portraits. Head-shot portraiture is my absolute favorite thing to shoot behind camera, so hit the contact button if you are looking to update your bios in the near future.

My tumblr, http://www.bethewing.com/ is a mix of humor, feminism (just a regular equality supporter!), and Jesus. Pictures of my cats may often appear here, as well as random rants. It’s a good time.

Lastly, some crazy projects are coming my way. If you are interested in updates and travel stories, you may find my newsletter worth subscribing to; http://eepurl.com/A3kLD