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Apr 14, 2014 0

Jason & Lauren: Engaged

Sometimes God puts people into your life that only are there for a short while. Sometimes He puts in people who last a lifetime. Let me introduce you to one such friend.

When Lauren and I met, we were college girls who got placed in the same hall together on our dorm and became quick friends. The next year we intentionally stayed on the same hall to have more time to spend with each other. And then came my senior year. Lauren’s organization skills became invaluable as we made the decision to move off-campus and become roommates. I’m deeply grateful for her life and the way she has supported me with encouraging words and more.

At the farmer's market

Us in 2010. Farmer’s Market 😉

Now a few years down the road, Lauren is getting married! She is so looking forward to walking down the aisle to her fiance Jason, a man who has a smart and steady head on his shoulders. His family comes from Seattle area, but he has lived in several parts of the US. When work got hot in Virginia, he picked up and came East. Soon he met Lauren and they hit it off.

Congrats to the pair, I cannot wait to be there with them in June! EngagementWe went all over downtown Lynchburg, half of it with a precious 12-week old puppy name Duchess. We had quite the early spring adventure, let me tell you! Major props go to Lauren and Jason for their up-for-anything attitudes.

elizabethewing Jason and Lauren Engaged

Love that we ended our time with a film-noir night session. Jason makes for the perfect leading man, with Lauren looking absolutely stunning by his side.



Jan 17, 2013 1

Wherever Love Roams; Wedding Highlights

It’s not very often you meet a couple like Elliot and Jocelyn. Their story is pretty hilarious… and awkward (I just about died laughing upon hearing it), but it is so uniquely them.

You know, it’s amazing how people met and connect. It fascinates me how people weave in and out of our lives everyday. If you had told me that my camera guy from News Class (COMS 473, represent!) would have invited me to later film his wedding I would have been like, ‘What? Ha? Cool…’ but we continued to work together, eventually walking across the stage to get our degrees at the same time and starting our careers in the same town. Then I moved back to MD and he got a job working for his church. Fast forward one year later and he stepped up to become the media director for the same church, one that is changing lives across the globe. Both he and Jocelyn are heavily involved with Freedom 4/24, a non-profit that directly affects women enslaved in the sex trade. These two uplift others around them, and will continue to do more with their lives than many.

I do not make any claims to be the best video editor, but here are my highlights. Let’s give our highest congratulations to the Millers. 🙂