To the stellar team of You Need A Budget,

Let’s jump in!

cliff jumping
I totally look like a pro, right?! Shout out to my friend Claire, who’s a serious hiker but still working on her photography skills.

If I were to make up a way to reach an ideal customer for You Need a Budget right now, here’s a taste of what my thought process might look like.

Without having access to the backend data you have collected, my potential business avatar is an amazing 30-year-old who is beyond awesome. I think her name might be:



She probably looks like this. Photo © belongs to @gracelaced

A married mother of two, her husband has about 10 grand left on his student loans, and hers are nearly gone.

They’ve just bought a house in a suburb by D.C. Her husband (Jonathan), has a stable job working for the government. She recently got a job as the registrar in a charter school after her youngest turned one. Laura once met her favorite comedian (Conan O’Brien) at a live performance and right now is jamming out to the soundtrack of Hamilton whenever she can sneak it in. Her 5-year-old daughter’s biggest dream is to meet Elsa from Frozen in Disney World.

She avoids Facebook during the madness of big elections, preferring Pinterest, but keeps up enough to know who she’s voting for.

Twitter to her is eh, she saves her true stories for Instagram. And she doesn’t care if she’s seen as popular or not. She just wants to keep using her voice on a few simple platforms and contributing to her community.

Laura and Jon love their two-story home but hate the commute into the city. They know it’s a long game that they are playing so they are setting goals to pay off the remaining student loans as soon as possible, yet still be able to find funds and get away with each other.

Since she’s going to click “hide” on any friend who’s been oversharing their thoughts on politics for the rest of 2016, Laura is going to be most reachable on Pinterest! A targeted ad run on Instagram with a little crossover on FB that highlights her goals of putting her family’s future and dreams on priority will tap into her curiosity.

Quick to read words do well on Pinterest. Right click to save.
Images are a must for Instagram. Right click to save.

I LOVE your highlighted statement, “It’s not just software. It’s a mission.” Oh man! So good! For Laura (and soon she’ll want to show her husband) on her overall mission, the Method page is exactly what she needs. Putting that page as our main link in profiles would be worth testing to see how the conversation rate changes via platforms.

P.S: Did you know you can put links in your photo captions? I love playing around with cover photos and almost always place a specific link in the available area.

Maybe add texture or the collage you already have over these words:

Welcome to the budget party
Yay for business page billboards! You guessed it, right click to save.

My caption of choice: Change that TAY to a YAY by downloading YNAB software at It’s a bold move that your future self might just thank you for. 😉