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A Micro-Manifesto

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This kind of manifesto doesn’t cover everything, but it sure does make you think about what your life and values.

What? Picking Sunflowers totally applies here.

I believe that everyone has been created with a purpose, and inherently has worth. This does not change whether the person is young or old, male or female, sick or healthy, no matter how much melanin a person has in their skin, or where they live. Everyone has a right to hope for a better life, and they have the right to take steps to achieve it. I believe that the vast majority of people are generally good, but fully recognize that any good person is capable of terrible things.

I believe it is important to get sleep, and to seek help if you suffer from insomnia. That you need to talk to your parents, even if communication with them is hard. Making hot chocolate and giving a hug to a hurting friend is better than giving them alcohol. Same for hurting strangers.

In my world, people treat each other with respect. And don’t cuss each other out just because they misunderstand each other. Surprise gifts show up in the form of cupcakes and handwritten cards.

In my world, not enough drinks come in glass bottles. And not enough green comes my way. Not that I’m greedy, I’d just like, you know, to be able to pay rent, student loans, and save for big future responsibilities. That’s not too unreasonable, right?

My personal policy is to give people space when they need it, and to be there when they need that too. To be respectful even when people disregard my feelings while not being pushed over. To handle myself with grace whenever the situation calls for it.

I believe that I am uniquely equipped to pour into people. And see them for the positives instead of the negatives like we all so often view ourselves.

My overarching personal goal is to love humanity well through my actions, donations, and words. This includes paying attention to the plight of orphans, widows, and the oppressed, to do what I can on their behalf. To encourage my friends and the teenagers I mentor. To one day trek Mt. Kilimanjaro, dedicating my journey in the name of an organization making a difference. Especially to always be there for my family, no matter where they are.

My overall business/career goal is in flux. I walk through doors as they open, and struggle when they close. Currently, my biggest career goal is to be the best Cinematographer I can be! Sub-goals? That includes writing and selling finished screenplays, traveling to speak/take pictures all over the world, to be on the board of a non-profit. There’s a lot of potential for work over my lifetime and I’m honestly not that stressed about what each step is going to look like.
“You don’t need a plan; you just need to be present.”
― Bob Goff, Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

Thanks for reading this little piece of a manifesto. Now go write your own!


Blogging is hard

My brain. Ugh. I’ve got a lot of thoughts, a lot of desires, and a lot of stories running through it each day. And yet, they stay unknown because they fly away before I can write them down. My brain also talks myself out of sharing my voice. I’m trying to get better about that.

A big part of stopping communication through my blog is that I needed to stop. pause. reevaluate… and be surrounded by my community. There has been some tough times in the past 6 months and they aren’t over. But the world keeps spinning, right?

Earlier this month I asked myself;  “what would I do if I could no longer use a camera to make a living? If I could never take another picture or film another event, how would I survive?” And I sat down and seriously wrote out a new business plan. In doing so, I realized that I would never voluntarily give up what I’m doing now. That I love documenting and styling and showing off how BEAUTIFUL people are too much to not shoot video or stills anymore.

Next month I’m hoping to reveal my new business. One that I can enjoy and growth and invest in people. Be excited for me! And for my future clients. :) I hope to throw 100% into it.

I also hope to get back into blogging. I hope to show more of the wonderful people who hire me to document for their families of what they look like in the present. Thank you for those who have supported me this year and who have encouraged me to continue. I love you and the words you have given me.

Thank you for paying attention to what I do and allowing me to take my time with my career. I appreciate you so much. Let’s look forward to the great things to come.

elizabethewing_0142 Maternity

Farm Girl Maternity: Baby Nave

A photo shoot at one of my favorite shooting locations, with one of the prettiest mommas on the planet? Yes please! I love my job. When Gracie and I talked about taking her maternity pictures, we both knew that we wanted to share special moments with at least one little lamb. But to accomplish that… the sheep needed to come from the other side of the field. So what other kind of woman would be out at sunrise with a bucket of feed at 8 and a half months pregnant but a farm girl!   elizabethewing_0079

Totes worth it. elizabethewing_0080Check out this little guy below, notice the ADORABLE little tongue sticking out? It was a bit of a chase to catch him, but he held through the posing beautifully. elizabethewing_0068Love big belly shots. She waddled like a pro.elizabethewing_0074Thanks to Gracie for being the beautiful and gracious momma she is! elizabethewing_0075



*After session update* Jared and Grace are the proud parents of a healthy baby girl named Caitlin Grace. She is now driving them crazy with her funny faces and cries at night.





A Surprising Media Funnel

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Not sure how you’ve found me, but my friend Carolynn has recently been interviewed by both Huff Post Live and Good Morning America, so there is a chance you looked me up after seeing the images of her wedding. Since the event was in 2012, this whirlwind of positive media attention has been quite the surprise!

I’ll keep my introduction short, but bear with me. :)

I have a degree in Video Broadcasting. Currently, I find myself equally shooting both video and still photography.

Since my skill-set is not best used in the editing room, often it is only images I share while most footage stays with the director who hired me. This leaves my demo-reel kinda lacking but strong word of mouth keeps me going! In the past few months, I have shot family portraits, filmed concerts, an engagement shoot, and some VERY fun professional portraits. Head-shot portraiture is my absolute favorite thing to shoot behind camera, so hit the contact button if you are looking to update your bios in the near future.

My tumblr, is a mix of humor, feminism (just a regular equality supporter!), and Jesus. Pictures of my cats may often appear here, as well as random rants. It’s a good time.

Lastly, some crazy projects are coming my way. If you are interested in updates and travel stories, you may find my newsletter worth subscribing to;



Jason & Lauren: Engaged

Sometimes God puts people into your life that only are there for a short while. Sometimes He puts in people who last a lifetime. Let me introduce you to one such friend.

When Lauren and I met, we were college girls who got placed in the same hall together on our dorm and became quick friends. The next year we intentionally stayed on the same hall to have more time to spend with each other. And then came my senior year. Lauren’s organization skills became invaluable as we made the decision to move off-campus and become roommates. I’m deeply grateful for her life and the way she has supported me with encouraging words and more.

At the farmer's market
Us in 2010. Farmer’s Market 😉

Now a few years down the road, Lauren is getting married! She is so looking forward to walking down the aisle to her fiance Jason, a man who has a smart and steady head on his shoulders. His family comes from Seattle area, but he has lived in several parts of the US. When work got hot in Virginia, he picked up and came East. Soon he met Lauren and they hit it off.

Congrats to the pair, I cannot wait to be there with them in June! EngagementWe went all over downtown Lynchburg, half of it with a precious 12-week old puppy name Duchess. We had quite the early spring adventure, let me tell you! Major props go to Lauren and Jason for their up-for-anything attitudes.

elizabethewing Jason and Lauren Engaged

Love that we ended our time with a film-noir night session. Jason makes for the perfect leading man, with Lauren looking absolutely stunning by his side.




This Valentine’s Day

You know, this week I had two other blog posts planned.

I had researched the term, “Impostor Syndrome,” and was all set to work on this awesome article about how it can cripple the way we work. But really, you can write entire books on the disorder, and doing it well is not on my mind right now.

Then for today, I was going to publish a cutesy little list about why I’d make a horrible Valentine, one to be humorous and poke fun at myself, while being honest about why I like my single-hood.

But some heartbreaking news has broken out, and my family is having a hard time. This has changed a lot of my plans, and I have to re-evaluate everything I do for the next couple of months. Social media is a burden right now. Posting positive blog posts on here seems so far beyond what I can do and what is appropriate given the current circumstances. Prayers for the situation would be much appreciated. 
52 Goals for 2014

52 Goals of 2014

Resolutions are hard. We all know this, and I bet you’ve already broken yours (stop being a lame-face, jump back on ’em and get going!). So this year, I elected to not make any specific resolutions. Instead, I was inspired by this post and came up with 52 goals.

I loosely started them in January, but when I first decided to take on this list of goals I was out of town, and then ended up traveling way too much for the rest of the month.

So what’s a lady to do?! I couldn’t get into any type of routine while hopping around on different couches. Luckily, I remembered reading a suggestion to start my new year in February. I ended up doing my best to clear my schedule and past commitments during January, in-between work and traveling. Starting in February was the best decision for this. I’ve been able to be way more proactive on these goals because I wasn’t stressed about sticking to a resolution for January 1.

The best thing I like about taking on my year in this way is that my goals are my own and they can be as difficult or easy as I choose. Many of the things listed I have done before, yet haven’t in awhile and I want to remind myself to make them a priority. I also love how the pressure to complete all 52 items is almost none. If I only hit 20 items on my list, then I get to say that I completed 20 goals for 2014. If I hit 30, or 40, or more, then ALL THE BETTER! Woot! Go me!

Maybe this makes sense for you, maybe it doesn’t. In either case, I hope you enjoy my list of goals I want to accomplish this year. If you see a number that you think you can help me with, speak up! Let me know and let’s get together. :)

1. Focus on discipleship and prayer
2. Go on a hike with family
3. Become more comfortable with speaking Spanish
4. Write and publish 2 short scripts online
5. Get back to blogging, about anything!
6. Cross a border internationally (and come back…)
7. Have a therapy session
8. Send more physical mail to my friends
9. Watch at least 28 sunrises
10. Figure out what my retirement fund is in and how to grow it
11. Get to Nashville
12. Save up an emergency fund
13. Pay off my student loans
14. Pray outside of my comfort zone
15. Make more crafts with Ashley
16. Hug a hurting stranger
17. Organize a group picnic (bucket list)
18. Create a time capsule (w/nephews or cousins)
19. Sing and video record a song with Ritchie
20. Find a co-founder for my business venture
21. Memorize more specific scripture verses
23. Write a letter to Anju (my World Vision child)
24. Go to a live music concert at the Avalon
25. Overnight outside camping trip
26. Journal during two trips
27. Share more pictures for fun
28. Cook homemade soup (that’s different from the typical Chicken Noodle)
29. Collaborate with another artist (preferably a painter)
30. See the dueling piano bar
31. Go “off-grid” for a day
32. Go kayaking
33. Go ice-skating
34. Make it the Best Birthday Ever!
35. Attend a movie marathon
36. Print more of my favorite pictures
37. Get into a workout routine
38. Mentor a person specifically on a weekly basis for at least a month if not more
39. Do as many crunches in a row until I collapse
40. Go on a Segway tour
41. Read & finish enough books to fill up an empty self (Jon Acuff reference)
42. Eat a raw/vegan diet for 10 days minimum
43. Dance in the rain
44. Hold a newborn baby
45. Play with paint on tarp
46. Find a salamander
47. See if my cats will play with a laser
48. Attempt to learn stick shift
49. Sell/giveaway a significant amount of things
50. Find a dancing partner (local to where I’m living)
51. Finish writing my bucket list
52. Make a new list for next year

Anything stand out to you? Give me a shout-out if you take on this idea yourself or want to do a goal together.

52 Goals for 2014
52 Goals for 2014

Next time: Let’s talk about one of the worst feelings ever, “The Impostor Syndrome.”




I’m not going to lie. I’ve been meaning to take up blogging again for a long, long time. I’ve missed it; the scheduling, the thought process, that freedom you feel when you release something so personal into the world.

But I’ve been exhausted. And no, I’m not talking about the lame type of “tired” that everyone says as their default when they gets asked how they are. For a long time now, I’d say most of 2013, I’ve been burned out. I don’t want to go too far into this, but believe me when I say it was more than something made up and much more than petty stuff. I sought counsel, vitamins, and even blood work. My doctor said I had all the physical symptoms of depression, even if I wasn’t feeling sad. And I rarely did feel sad, but on multiple days it was hard to get out of bed. Very hard. I would describe a good portion of last year as being… foggy, like I was forcing myself to do what it was I thought I was supposed to do, even though it wasn’t working. Finances also played a significant part in this feeling.

I’m not even talking about photography, but the subject is included in that. I think trying to take any work that came my way was a bad decision, and one that I have since learned from. Merely permitting myself to start saying no has helped significantly.

Now, the point of this post isn’t to be all, “Woe is me” and “I’m sorry for my terrible life and lack of blogging.” No. I’ve struggled on major things and will continue to struggle. But I’m done with a lot of my excuses and am making huge changes to get rid of them. You should look forward to hearing a lot more from me this year. I’ve been thinking a lot about humanity, personal relationships and where my life is headed. I expect to be talking about these subjects a lot. It’s going to be interesting, I promise!

Next up; why I set 52 goals for this year, and why I chose February to launch them. :)

Beth's 24th

Today is My Birthday!

Whoa. It’s unbelievable how fast these past 24 hours have flown by. According to Google, the number 24 is most known for being a popular TV show. Which, I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty awesome.

See? Here’s some video.

On a funny note, this video also popped up when searching for 24. *Warning, language.*

I feel like on my birthday, the expectation is to post some sage advice or talk about this upcoming year, but I kinda already covered that in my e-newsletter. Instead, I’m going to the beach, eating a gourmet cupcake, and enjoying as much friend time as their schedules will allow. Tomorrow… I will get back into the work flow. Tomorrow, I will probably going back over every detail of my new layout and tweak it twenty times. But I’m publishing. Because an artist who does not publish is simply masquerading, and I refuse anything less than authentic.

So here’s a picture of me in a pink party dress and lace glove. Because hey, authentic doesn’t equal boring. 😉

Beth's 24th -Dress generously supplied by Carolynn from
-Picture taken by the talented Erin from