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How are you?

Day 26 of #31Days How are you? What a cultural norm. I got into a conversation today with a guy about it. “How’s it going?” He asked. I said something to the effect of “Slow. Need coffee. But good.” Then I followed up with, “How are you?” “I’m wonderful.” “Wonderful.” I smiled. “I wish more people would give answers like that instead of just, ‘Good.’ It’s nice to hear.” He shrugged and said, “Better than

October 25th

Day 25 of #31Days Six days. Only six more days until this challenge is over. It’s been both awful and awesome at the same time. I’ve received the most positive encouragements and I appreciate each one so much. The dedication is tough, especially when I’ve got full days. I wish I had the routine down to keep this up every day. I’m pretty beat. Tomorrow’s a fun day filled with work! Hope you have a

Little unexpected message

Day 24 of #31Days This evening mom treated my older sister and me to a small shopping spree. It was a surprise to the both of us and I totally walked out with awesome winter slippers and a new sweater. Thanks mom! While trying on a dress, I happened to notice that someone took the time to carve this note into the dressing room mirror. I can’t really condone the defacing of property, I totally


Day 23 of #31Days Last night I had a weird dream. And today not much has stayed with me, except for that I was on a journey and I had to get my dog to the vet. Now, the vet here in town is amazing and does her best every time I bring Angel in. So I really, really have no clue where this dream came from. BUT, in my dream, Angel was just supposed

Melancholy Beth

Day 22 of #31Days Friendship isn’t easy. We all suffer the loss of losing what you hoped would have been a lifelong friendship. There’s been a few of mine that faded naturally into acquaintances, and a few others that to this day cause me grief. There are some friendships that I nearly walked away from without a backwards glance and yet still made the choice to stay… but even more often I think it was vice

Go take a walk

Day 21 of #31 Days Today I spent about 4 hours photographing jewelry for a great gallery in St. Michael’s and then went in to volunteer with my church’s youth group. I wish I could spend more time with those kids instead of just an hour or two a week. The questions they bring keep me thinking, and I love caring about them. Sometimes I yell… but wouldn’t you too if a 14-year-old boy is throwing

Boundaries and Friendships

Day 20 of #31Days One thing that makes my heart sing is spending time with people, supporting each other and doing life together. That unintentionally became my day today, with a lot of driving around in-between. I caught up on my podcasts! Relationships with people require time and quite often, sacrifice. To some, it’s not always worth it to put in that necessary time. To some, they give so much of themselves that they lose

Something serious.

Day 19 of #31Days It’s almost Halloween, so maybe it’s time to share a bit of scare. This past July, I went to the West Coast to visit family and to attend the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. (It was awesome, if you ever get a chance to go, GO!!!). It was out there when I was learning so much and having so much fun (seriously, it was SO GOOD!) when I got a simple text.

Oh hey, a photo essay

Day 18 of #31Days Man. How do daily bloggers do this every day? There isn’t really anything I feel up to writing about for a full blog post. Time for a photo essay then! Shout out to the time I got up at 5 am and waded into a chilly lake for silly pictures in New Hampshire. Major thanks to my cousin Karen, who assisted and didn’t let my camera go for an unwanted swim.

When did we get so far into October? So fast?

Day 17 of #31Days How is October this far over already? I don’t understand. Ok, so maybe I’ve driven 13 hours in three days last week and dealt with family being in and out of medical offices too many times… I’ve been in quite the mental fog. Today a text woke me up (which is rare because most of the time my phone is not near me at night). It was my friend Margot asking,