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Oct 02, 2015 0

A step forward

Day 2 of #31Days.

Today I attended a Toastmaster’s Meeting in my town. Actually, I had gotten the time wrong… so I showed up 30 minutes late but was still warmly welcomed. It’s been on my list for a while to do something that forced me to practice speaking skills but didn’t have any idea how.

Somewhere… (maybe on his podcast?) I heard Lewis Howes talking about his  for a potential career as a public speaker and so he signed up for the Toastmaster’s club in his town to prepare. I was like, ‘What? What is this club you speak of?’ And so I googled it. And couldn’t believe that there was a club in my town. THIS PLACE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE MY JAM!

There’s no pressure to join right away, but the personal development I would get out of it is huge. So if I am able to make another meeting soon, that’s when I’ll be turning in my application and paying the membership fee.

Making this decision is easy, and hopefully soon I’ll get to add another skill set to my resume. 😉


Oct 01, 2015 2

#31Days of making decisions

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Every day. Every single day. Seriously, every single day in October I’m planning on publishing something here on my blog. I decided to do this because of Brittany Meng and her post about the challenge on and it felt right.

Originally I had no idea on what I would even commit to. I wavered back and forth over a few topics. I’ve done self-portraits in the past (365!), I’ve done fashion,  few other random smaller projects.

I’m a huge ideas person and rarely a focused one. :/ So all day I thought ‘maybe I’ll write about goals. That’ll keep me focused.’ But as I drafted, I hated.

Then it hit me. My desire in posting about goals wasn’t so much about completing them as it was more about making decisions on them. On if they were really what I wanted, on if I really could complete them, on what goals are worth keeping for myself.

I have a feeling that most days are going to be pretty brief, but here are some of the things I hope to talk about before the month is over;

-Finishing my children’s book.

-Have an update for the Patreon video.

-Prepare to launch a new Podcast.

Buckle up friends, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Apr 29, 2014 0

Farm Girl Maternity: Baby Nave

A photo shoot at one of my favorite shooting locations, with one of the prettiest mommas on the planet? Yes please! I love my job. When Gracie and I talked about taking her maternity pictures, we both knew that we wanted to share special moments with at least one little lamb. But to accomplish that… the sheep needed to come from the other side of the field. So what other kind of woman would be out at sunrise with a bucket of feed at 8 and a half months pregnant but a farm girl!   elizabethewing_0079

Totes worth it. elizabethewing_0080Check out this little guy below, notice the ADORABLE little tongue sticking out? It was a bit of a chase to catch him, but he held through the posing beautifully. elizabethewing_0068Love big belly shots. She waddled like a pro.elizabethewing_0074Thanks to Gracie for being the beautiful and gracious momma she is! elizabethewing_0075



*After session update* Jared and Grace are the proud parents of a healthy baby girl named Caitlin Grace. She is now driving them crazy with her funny faces and cries at night.




Apr 15, 2014 0

A Surprising Media Funnel

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Not sure how you’ve found me, but my friend Carolynn has recently been interviewed by both Huff Post Live and Good Morning America, so there is a chance you looked me up after seeing the images of her wedding. Since the event was in 2012, this whirlwind of positive media attention has been quite the surprise!

I’ll keep my introduction short, but bear with me. 🙂

I have a degree in Video Broadcasting. Currently, I find myself equally shooting both video and still photography.

Since my skill-set is not best used in the editing room, often it is only images I share while most footage stays with the director who hired me. This leaves my demo-reel kinda lacking but strong word of mouth keeps me going! In the past few months, I have shot family portraits, filmed concerts, an engagement shoot, and some VERY fun professional portraits. Head-shot portraiture is my absolute favorite thing to shoot behind camera, so hit the contact button if you are looking to update your bios in the near future.

My tumblr, is a mix of humor, feminism (just a regular equality supporter!), and Jesus. Pictures of my cats may often appear here, as well as random rants. It’s a good time.

Lastly, some crazy projects are coming my way. If you are interested in updates and travel stories, you may find my newsletter worth subscribing to;


Feb 06, 2014 3

52 Goals of 2014

Resolutions are hard. We all know this, and I bet you’ve already broken yours (stop being a lame-face, jump back on ’em and get going!). So this year, I elected to not make any specific resolutions. Instead, I was inspired by this post and came up with 52 goals.

I loosely started them in January, but when I first decided to take on this list of goals I was out of town, and then ended up traveling way too much for the rest of the month.

So what’s a lady to do?! I couldn’t get into any type of routine while hopping around on different couches. Luckily, I remembered reading a suggestion to start my new year in February. I ended up doing my best to clear my schedule and past commitments during January, in-between work and traveling. Starting in February was the best decision for this. I’ve been able to be way more proactive on these goals because I wasn’t stressed about sticking to a resolution for January 1.

The best thing I like about taking on my year in this way is that my goals are my own and they can be as difficult or easy as I choose. Many of the things listed I have done before, yet haven’t in awhile and I want to remind myself to make them a priority. I also love how the pressure to complete all 52 items is almost none. If I only hit 20 items on my list, then I get to say that I completed 20 goals for 2014. If I hit 30, or 40, or more, then ALL THE BETTER! Woot! Go me!

Maybe this makes sense for you, maybe it doesn’t. In either case, I hope you enjoy my list of goals I want to accomplish this year. If you see a number that you think you can help me with, speak up! Let me know and let’s get together. 🙂

1. Focus on discipleship and prayer
2. Go on a hike with family
3. Become more comfortable with speaking Spanish
4. Write and publish 2 short scripts online
5. Get back to blogging, about anything!
6. Cross a border internationally (and come back…)
7. Have a therapy session
8. Send more physical mail to my friends
9. Watch at least 28 sunrises
10. Figure out what my retirement fund is in and how to grow it
11. Get to Nashville
12. Save up an emergency fund
13. Pay off my student loans
14. Pray outside of my comfort zone
15. Make more crafts with Ashley
16. Hug a hurting stranger
17. Organize a group picnic (bucket list)
18. Create a time capsule (w/nephews or cousins)
19. Sing and video record a song with Ritchie
20. Find a co-founder for my business venture
21. Memorize more specific scripture verses
23. Write a letter to Anju (my World Vision child)
24. Go to a live music concert at the Avalon
25. Overnight outside camping trip
26. Journal during two trips
27. Share more pictures for fun
28. Cook homemade soup (that’s different from the typical Chicken Noodle)
29. Collaborate with another artist (preferably a painter)
30. See the dueling piano bar
31. Go “off-grid” for a day
32. Go kayaking
33. Go ice-skating
34. Make it the Best Birthday Ever!
35. Attend a movie marathon
36. Print more of my favorite pictures
37. Get into a workout routine
38. Mentor a person specifically on a weekly basis for at least a month if not more
39. Do as many crunches in a row until I collapse
40. Go on a Segway tour
41. Read & finish enough books to fill up an empty self (Jon Acuff reference)
42. Eat a raw/vegan diet for 10 days minimum
43. Dance in the rain
44. Hold a newborn baby
45. Play with paint on tarp
46. Find a salamander
47. See if my cats will play with a laser
48. Attempt to learn stick shift
49. Sell/giveaway a significant amount of things
50. Find a dancing partner (local to where I’m living)
51. Finish writing my bucket list
52. Make a new list for next year

Anything stand out to you? Give me a shout-out if you take on this idea yourself or want to do a goal together.

52 Goals for 2014

52 Goals for 2014

Next time: Let’s talk about one of the worst feelings ever, “The Impostor Syndrome.”
Jan 23, 2013 2

Sleepytime Limbo – Say What?

I have it. And I’m officially calling Sleepytime Limbo a disease, a serial killer of all real productivity. defines Sleepytime Limbo as, “When you feel like you’ve got too much work to go to bed, but you are too tired to get anything done. So you just surf the net and procrastinate until you can’t stay awake anymore.” Yup. Perfect description. Here’s an image to go with it.



Now, you can’t lump in Sleepytime Limbo and late nights as the same thing. For some odd reason, I can be extremely productive from 11pm to 1am, which gets a lot of work done but leaves me exhausted the next day. But there is a difference when I end up trapped in Sleepytime Limbo. Instead of wrapping up my work at say, midnight and getting little ol’ me off to bed, I’m up till 2 am just reading and watching pointless crap on the internet. Meme’s rule the night.

That’s pretty much it’s only benefit. Because if you aren’t addicted to porn you can get a lot of laughs at 2 or 3 in the morning, solely by watching fluffy cat videos on youtube. And laughter is the best medicine, right? Ha, I wish. In this instance it is not. *But if porn is the reason for your Sleepytime Limbo, here is a resource to help you break the cycle. And here is why porn ruins your sex life (so seriously, click on the links).*

A lot of of people claim that Sleepytime Limbo is insomnia or vice versa. But it’s not. insomnia is literally the inability to fall asleep, no matter what you do. I know. I can clearly tell the difference between my insomnia and sleepytime. Here’s a link to Tim Feriss‘ Huffington Post article, “11 Tricks for Perfect Sleep.” These tips do not work when you are caught in limbo, but will definitely make a difference in your overall sleep habits.

Who wants to show their eyes after falling victim to the Sleepytime Limbo?



I spent some time this morning thinking about how much more prevalent this incapability to go to bed when needed has become today. We know people have had insomnia problems in the past. And most likely under severe stress people have succumbed to Sleepytime Limbo in other ways. But in less modern times, when it was time to go to bed, it simply wasn’t possible to keep the fire, or candle, going or to stay outside in the cold for nearly as long as we get caught in the trap of the online light. From what I can figure based on my knowledge of history, any chance that people would gotten caught in the Sleepytime Limbo definition, would have been limited. Think about it. If a man was up writing away on a document to change the world, but his family all goes to bed and his candle is about to go out and his brain is shutting off… what are his options? Go make tea? Take a night walk? Crawl into bed and lay there thinking about his chance to meet destiny? While probably annoying, none of them really seem to be unproductive responses to late night work. But then again, maybe that’s just my personal opinion.

How to avoid the trap of Sleepytime Limbo:
1. Set a time to get off of the computer so you have at least an hour to ready yourself for bed. Ban late nights!
2. Practice your self-discipline throughout the day so you can say no to late night tomfoolery.
3. Acknowledge that you have no discipline.  Go cry away your shame.

Of course even though I have put all of this together, in-between one of those productive late nights, I may once again succumb to the call of the interwebs and be paying the price for the entirety of the next day. 
This is myself, what about your thoughts? What have your run-ins with Sleepytime Limbo been like and how did you combat that oh-so-persuading draw?


Jan 17, 2013 0

Tales of Website Woe; Beginning of 2013


Wow, has it really been 17 days since my last blog post? I can’t believe it! 🙁 I usually keep to twice a week, at least once for sure… and 17 days has been rough on me. But you see, since the day-after-Christmas I have been doing practically non-stop road-trippin’ until about last weekend. Then once I was trying to get back into the swing of things, I broke my website. Yup. Not the front end, but I was literally blocked from every possible way of entering the back end of my word-press account. I knew I could probably fix it through my hosting account, but for awhile I was left wondering how to fix it without risking deleting everything. Thankfully, a friend was able to help walk me through it and now it’s officially fixed.

Here is a bit of advice from this experience;

1. Never attempt to tweak your website late at night.

2. When doing said tweaking, first take the time to decide if they are 100% necessary or if you are going off of simple suggestions.

3. Make sure you know how many plugins your web hosting will allow.

4. Take a break after adding or fixing something to your website.

5. Never attempt to tweak your website late at night.

Cheers and best wishes to any poor soul who does not heed this list. Lastly, in the last post I mentioned that I wasn’t going to be doing “Fashion Tuesday” anymore, I’m still continuing with weekly self-portraits and hope to utilize them on this blog as garnish to other posts, instead making it a focused series. It was hard to let go of something I was so excited about and wanted to see succeed. But as I was reviewing my goals and what people in my life were responding to, it became obvious that Fashion Tuesdays were a fun side project, but not anything that was going to help me accomplish what goals God has given me. The way I was treating my weekly pictures in no way set me up for jobs, or even leads to being paid. So after some serious evaluation, I decided to untether and change directions  in my work with this website. Not necessarily big changes, but changes that will (hopefully) help others and push me  to greater heights. Tune back in tomorrow (actually… later today now), hopefully you will like where I’m going! Last note; Yay weddings!!! Congrats to one of the most precious couples I know. If you are into theology, check out her blog here. And if you are into super-fantastic-unique-brillent graphic design, check out his webspace. Then go hire him to create your online branding. Oh, and no, this not an affiliate link. weddinggroupshotcharles

Dec 31, 2012 0

Onwards to 2013!

This is the LAST post of 2012! Wow. This past week I spent a lot of time in review. I wrapped up a lot of editing (both still and video!) and worked on plans for my business in 2013. Expect more transparency in that area this year, as well as more videos.

*For a quick review; here are the posts I have  published every New Year’s since 2009. All titles are linked to my old website when I was working on my 365 project and just starting out in photography.*

The wind down of ’09 and the wind up 2010.

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! (2010)

First day of 2011!

Moving forward – 2012


Along with posting a yearly blog post, since 2010 God has given me a fruit of the spirit to focus on for the entirety of the year. Sometimes it’s good, but mostly it’s really difficult and I fail a lot. This year I have chosen to focus on Faithfulness.

Here is what I originally wrote about why I have taken on this challenge.


Ten in 2010

Today, ten days into 2010, my pastor gave a sermon about new year’s resolutions. He is starting a series in Galatians, more specifically, Galatians 5. I believe the plan is to spend ten weeks going over each fruit of the spirit. To begin, he gave the church four questions to ponder.

1. What is one thing you desire from God? (For a starting point, check David’s desire at Psalms 27:4)
2. What is one thing that you lack in the relationship between you and God?
3. What is one thing you need to let go of?
4. What is one promise that you need to claim?

For those who belong to the body of Jesus Christ there are ten virtues that shine through in their lives because of the radical difference Jesus has made and what he means to them. Each virtue is defined through different verses in the New Testament. We were challenged to pick a virtue to work on that would help us to truly live by the fruits of the Spirit.

Picture # 10

I am choosing Self-Control. Over Winter break I have really a lot of disciplines go, and that has spilled over into all aspects of my life. When I’m not living my life the way God intended to be lived it becomes obvious to everyone around me. And I’m not saying that Christians have to be perfect, I know that even giants of the faith like Paul the apostle struggled to live like Jesus. But this year, and throughout this new decade, I would love to get right with the Lord. And I am choosing to do this through zoning in specifically on this aspect of my life. I’m ready to give up my comfortable life of doing whatever I want to do, to truly surrender to Jesus Christ.

*Sorry if this post is too preachy. But I said in this blog before, I am a Christian, and sometimes when The Holy Spirit says something to me I gotta share. 🙂


In 2010 the word was Self-Control (I should probably repeat this one, haha).

In 2011 the word was Love.

In 2012 the word was Gentleness.

For 2013 I am choosing Faithfulness. For several different reasons, God has lead me to focus on this specific spiritual fruit and I cannot wait to see how He is going to be moving throughout this year of faithfulness emphasis!

*My Fashion Tuesday project is morphing into something else. They will not be the same from here on out, and I may not always post on Tuesdays like previously. Expect an explanation of both the shedding of Fashion Tuesday and what I’ll be doing next soon. Enjoy the night all you beautiful people!!!

last of 2012

Dec 18, 2012 2

A most special occasion

Meet my wonderful friend Carolynn, who recently had one of the prettiest winter weddings I have ever seen.

She and her husband Brian got married in a small ceremony last month, one early Friday morning. To read more of their story, check out Carolynn’s blog here!

Picture time!
Chilling out in the lobby. 


Girls getting ready in the hotel room. The maid of honor also blogs! She writes over at Roses and Thorns

The handsome groom!

Us bridesmaids hanging out. We like windows!


And here is one of my favorite portraits of the bride. This was captured moments before the location was opened up to the guests. 🙂


Prayer in the middle of the ceremony. I loved how much reverence for God and this covenant they were undertaking the couple wanted to place on this day.


This is one of my absolute favorite shots of the day!

Celebrating in the reception area.


What a beautiful, beautiful day and I was so grateful to be a part of it. There are multiple more pictures I could share, but I end it with these.

This little photographer wishes you the very best for your new lives together. 🙂

Sep 06, 2012 2

It’s always worth it when you rise with the sun

If you are anything like me, you are not an early riser. But, if you really are like me, than you also appreciate that time period when the world is just starting to wake up. I believe it’s important to watch the sun rise at least once a year, if not more. It’s always so special.

To help me document my potentially one-time 2012 sunrise, I convinced my friend Gracie that this was a good idea. She lives off of a river, and volunteered her kayaks.

So, we both got up around 5:30 am, I drove over to her place, and we paddled around for as long as we could, considering the time constraints (had to leave for work by 8:30). By the way, for those who care, kayaking is a no-workout workout according to Lauren Conrad!

How we have this much energy in the morning is beyond me. But yup, we took a few pictures on the dock before working out…

And guys, guess what? This video’s got MUSIC! Epic, I know. The song is “See the Sun,” by Black Lab. The track was supplied by

Go out and go play!