Thinking about Bucket Lists

More like… thinking about actually completing the one I started over a year ago.  My list currently has 29 items on it. I would like to write 100 since I’d feel more challenged. In review, I have one life goal fully crossed off and am in the process of another two. The majority involves international travel, which unfortunately I’m just not able to go right now. But, my dear friends, consider this; I am young, single, and of the capacity to be more untethered to a location than I probably will ever be again. Now if only the money would follow, I’d be good! 😉

Back to the reason why I had to write about my bucket list. In all honesty, I have to admit that I’ve lost a lot of my drive. In school, I had a strong vision and will to succeed in life. But lately I’ve been more content to consume than create. Which is the biggest reason this blog has gone nowhere. Something has to change, and listing out life goals as a strong motivation could do wonders for my productivity and attitude. Maybe if I finish I’ll post the entire list online. Here’s a few of my favorites right now though.

5 items on my bucket list; 

1. Take a tour in a helicopter.

2. Have dinner with a celebrity, and be prepared to pay.

3. Take a picture with a friend(s) in all 50 states.

4. Fall asleep in the middle of nowhere, at a random part of the day.

5. Own an Alpaca in Peru.

*Seeing the Pyramids, Summer 2010


What’s on your bucket list? Share/post a link if you have one!


*Taken before the list was created, but would have been on it anyway.

Thinking about Bucket Lists

3 thoughts on “Thinking about Bucket Lists

  1. 1) Complete my feature and see it distributed in theaters
    2) Spend a summer touring the UK and and the Republic of Ireland
    3) Spend a winter touring Australia and New Zealand
    4) Hang glide in the Smokies, preferably Gatlinburg area
    5) Sing a 3-hour concert of my favorite classic rock with a killer band in a tiny club with an audience of a few select friends

  2. Carolynn – Writing a book is on my list too! Well, actually two, since I want to write a fiction and a non-fiction.

    Dr. M – Wow, love these goals. All would be incredible, and can I please somehow be there for #5? I’m completely serious. 🙂

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