How are you?

Day 26 of #31Days How are you? What a cultural norm. I got into a conversation today with a guy about it. “How’s it going?” He asked. I said something to the effect of “Slow. Need coffee. But good.” Then I followed up with, “How are you?” “I’m wonderful.” “Wonderful.” I smiled. “I wish more …

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October 25th

Day 25 of #31Days Six days. Only six more days until this challenge is over. It’s been both awful and awesome at the same time. I’ve received the most positive encouragements and I appreciate each one so much. The dedication is tough, especially when I’ve got full days. I wish I had the routine down …

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Little unexpected message

Day 24 of #31Days This evening mom treated my older sister and me to a small shopping spree. It was a surprise to the both of us and I totally walked out with awesome winter slippers and a new sweater. Thanks mom! While trying on a dress, I happened to notice that someone took the …

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Day 23 of #31Days Last night I had a weird dream. And today not much has stayed with me, except for that I was on a journey and I had to get my dog to the vet. Now, the vet here in town is amazing and does her best every time I bring Angel in. …

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Melancholy Beth

Day 22 of #31Days Friendship isn’t easy. We all suffer the loss of losing what you hoped would have been a lifelong friendship. There’s been a few of mine that faded naturally into acquaintances, and a few others that to this day cause me grief. There are some friendships that I nearly walked away from without …

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Go take a walk

Day 21 of #31 Days Today I spent about 4 hours photographing jewelry for a great gallery in St. Michael’s and then went in to volunteer with my church’s youth group. I wish I could spend more time with those kids instead of just an hour or two a week. The questions they bring keep …

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Boundaries and Friendships

Day 20 of #31Days One thing that makes my heart sing is spending time with people, supporting each other and doing life together. That unintentionally became my day today, with a lot of driving around in-between. I caught up on my podcasts! Relationships with people require time and quite often, sacrifice. To some, it’s not …

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2015-07-12 22.47.34

Something serious.

Day 19 of #31Days It’s almost Halloween, so maybe it’s time to share a bit of scare. This past July, I went to the West Coast to visit family and to attend the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. (It was awesome, if you ever get a chance to go, GO!!!). It was out there when I …

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Oh hey, a photo essay

Day 18 of #31Days Man. How do daily bloggers do this every day? There isn’t really anything I feel up to writing about for a full blog post. Time for a photo essay then! Shout out to the time I got up at 5 am and waded into a chilly lake for silly pictures in …

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