Elizabeth Ewing 2018

Hello! Welcome.

Life should be full of second chances, but far too often it feels like there are none.

We should be taught how to recover from failure, but instead, are told at a young age that to fail is not an option.

We grow best among honest community, but internalize desire to keep secrets hidden. 

In my past, I have –

  • Worked as a social media manager for a fantastic nonprofit
  • Owned my own freelancing business
  • Shown holiday hustle at a sweet small business toy store for two years
  • Filmed an indie film based on a true tragic story 
  • Moved to a new city on a whim and a prayer

Now I work as a second shooter/associate photographer (and a few other things thank you gig economy).

Life is full of swift transitions, and I think I’ll keep doing my best to keep up with them. Please feel free to stick around for the journey.

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