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Tales of Website Woe; Beginning of 2013

Wow, has it really been 17 days since my last blog post? I can’t believe it! 🙁 I usually keep to twice a week, at least once for sure… and 17 days has been rough on me. But you see, since the day-after-Christmas I have been doing practically non-stop road-trippin’ until about last weekend. Then once I was trying to get back into the swing of things, I broke my website. Yup. Not the front

Onwards to 2013!

This is the LAST post of 2012! Wow. This past week I spent a lot of time in review. I wrapped up a lot of editing (both still and video!) and worked on plans for my business in 2013. Expect more transparency in that area this year, as well as more videos. *For a quick review; here are the posts I have  published every New Year’s since 2009. All titles are linked to my old